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DylanDylan was a rented Pit Pony. He was owned by a company who had lots of Pit Ponies working in small private mines in the Welsh coalfields. For £25 per week he would come to work in your coal mine! No rules, no instruction book, just pay up on time or we will send the lads round.

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However the price of coal was in decline and he was sold as a nice quiet riding pony.

However he has had a back injury that made him unsuitable for riding and the new owner was soon disappointed with her new mount. Pit Ponies to survive must never trot, canter or gallop for to do so is almost certain death. At the Centre Dylan has settled well. His back injury is untreatable but seems to affect him very little nowadays. He shares his stable with a fine lady friend called Beauty. They get on very well and Dylan appears to love Beauty dearly. Sadly Beauty has great difficulty socialising with other horses. However she really likes his company and they are often seen together.

Dylan is a roan pony and his coat changes colour with the seasons. In the spring he is Bay with black points, by late summer he is Grey/roan with a Bay head & black points.

Should you decide to come and meet him and his other four legged friends you will find directions to the Centre on our Charity website dedicated to visitors on the 'links' page, you can also find details of our beautiful country Wales and the Valleys area where our little Hill Farm occupies its lofty perch overlooking the Taff Valley & the remnants of ancient Forest of Glyntaff.

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