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StarStar came to us from a horse dealer's yard. She had been with six owners in a few weeks. All had tried to force her into submission and she was badly beaten.

Whereas some ponies have their spirit broken by such cruelty Star had become vicious and would attack anyone who threatened her or even went near her. She has settled down over the years and is well adjusted now, and can now be handled. She cannot however ever be trusted; she has very bad memories that can trigger a personality change in the blink of an eye. It took long time for her to settle and she has always been distrustful of people, especially men and probably always will be.

Star 1She is a pretty pony with a long white star on her face. She is a chestnut colour with a flaxen mane and tail. She is now quite old and has some gray hair showing on her face these days.

Should you decide to come and meet her and her other four legged friends you will find directions to the Centre on our Charity website dedicated to visitors on the 'links' page. You can also find details of our beautiful country Wales and the Valleys area where our little Hill Farm occupies its lofty perch overlooking the Taff Valley & the remnants of the ancient Forest of Glyntaff.


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