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"LADY"  A horse bred for racing.  She raced at Exeter and Newton Abbott.  To slow for racing she was sold at auction to spend a lifetime in unloving homes.  Her last home was probably the worst.  Now elderly her huge frame was starved & bullied in a mud patch full of scrap metal and old building materials.  Lucky to survive she finally got free with a little help from her friends.  She has settled in well and now enjoys her days and has finally stopped trying to kick us.


winstonHe has had a bad start in life. He was found wandering the roads and was picked up by Cardiff’s animal wardens and taken to the pound. As a very sensitive 10 year old 15.2hh stallion he had limited options. Now a gelding he has settled in well with the other Horses & Ponies at the Centre”.

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rocketIs a little grey pony He was kept alone in a small field. He had many human friends but no four legged company.

He was teased by the yobs and chased about by people with out of control dogs.

It has made him difficult to catch. Somewhere in his past he lost his eye. This adds to his burden and he is quite jumpy when approached on his blind side.

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geraldineOne of 7 little ponies dumped in a Cemetery in Wales. She had a damaged eye on arrival.

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Pit Pony Spike

spikePit Pony Spike worked in the small private mines of Wales. When they had finished with him he was sold as a riding pony.

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Star - Click read more to sponsor Star

StarStar came to us from a horse dealer's yard. She had been with six owners in a few weeks. All had tried to force her into submission and she was badly beaten.

Whereas some ponies have their spirit broken by such cruelty Star had become vicious and would attack anyone who threatened her or even went near her.

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Arine - Click read more to sponsor Arnie

arnieA little roan gelding. He arrived at the Centre after apparently spending several weeks loose in the lanes. His life then, consisted of being chased down the lane by the post van. He would dash in a driveway as the van rushed pass. Then, be chased out by the angry owners only, to be chased down the lane by white van man. He survived eating the grass from the verge and hedges. He is still a very nervous little pony

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Dylan - Click read more to sponsor Dylan

DylanDylan was a rented Pit Pony. He was owned by a company who had lots of Pit Ponies working in small private mines in the Welsh coalfields. For £25 per week he would come to work in your coal mine! No rules, no instruction book, just pay up on time or we will send the lads round.

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Iggy - Click read more to sponsor Iggy

IggyPortraitIggy is a Liver Chestnut part bred section "B" Cob pony gelding. He suffered a fractured shoulder when he was only 8 months old. Having his weight on his one good leg at such a young age caused the leg to bow. Corrective shoeing has sorted the problem.

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